How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Hingham?

There are many excellent places to live in Massachusetts but few compare to the allure of the Hingham neighborhood. Located on the South Shore, it offers easy year-round access to Bathing Beach, as well as to the hustle and bustle of Boston. Moving to Hingham can be expensive, depending on where you are coming from. Be sure to get the best rates by checking out reputable Hingham movers and comparing their rates.

In order to get an accurate estimate of your move, you need to tell the moving company the important details of your relocation. There is no one size fits all when it comes to moving costs because they have to take into account your location, the items that you are planning to move, and any extra services that you might want to avail.

However, if you want to have an idea of how much Hingham movers charge, it can be any amount from $500 to $3000 or even more. Local moves would naturally be cheaper because of the smaller distance to travel, but there are also certain circumstances that can increase the cost of even a short-distance move.

Typical Costing System Used by Hingham Movers

The rates charged by Hingham movers can vary widely but the system they use in determining the cost of their services is basically the same. For example, in local moves, the moving service is usually charged by the hour. The national average hourly rate per mover currently stands between $25 and $50. As Hingham is quite an affluent city, expect to pay close to $50 per hour per mover. Some Hingham movers charge even higher.

The individual rate per mover is rarely implemented though, since most moving companies provide package services instead. These are also charged by the hour but include the service of a team of movers and a moving truck. In Hingham, a team of 2 movers plus a 15-ft truck might cost you about $140 per hour. A team of 4 movers with a bigger 26-ft truck would have an hourly rate of $230.

For long-distance moves, moving companies would usually give you an all-inclusive flat rate based on where you are moving and the volume of your items.

How Much Do Hingham Movers Charge for Optional Services?

Besides the basic moving service of loading and hauling, Hingham movers offer a wide range of other moving-related services for a separate cost. You need to figure out which of these services you need and factor them into your budget.

Professional Packing

Packing is a frequently availed service by residents of Hingham, simply because it can be too tiring and stressful to do for a non-professional. A packing task that might take you several days to complete could be finished by a professional packing crew within a few hours. For this reason, it is worth including this service in your move.

In Hingham, packing an average sized house usually costs at least $1000. Packing supplies and materials might cost extra or they might come with a flat rate. This would depend on the moving company that you will choose.

There is also the option of partial packing, where you would pack some of the items yourself, leaving the rest to the professionals. In this case, packing services will be charged at an hourly rate. The cost of this is more or less the same as the fee for moving labor, which is usually $50 per hour in Hingham.

Packing Supplies

If the packing services are not inclusive of the boxes and other packing materials, then you would need to pay for all these supplies separately. The moving company will simply count all the supplies used and bill these to you at the end of your move. Prices start from about $3 for a small book box or a roll of tape to $20 for specialty boxes for glassware and china.

Storage Facilities

There are a lot of storage facilities in Hingham where you can keep your belongings temporarily or for the long term. These storage units come with a monthly rental fee that can be as low as $50. However, bigger facilities might set you back as much as $500 per month.

Moving Insurance

For both local and long-distance moves, there is the possibility of something going wrong during the move, leading to the loss or damage of some of your items. Of course, nobody wants this to happen but as protection, it would be a good idea to purchase moving insurance.

All Hingham moving companies are obligated by law to provide basic insurance coverage, but this only entitles you to a maximum of 60 cents per pound. If you want assurance that the Hingham movers will replace or pay for any damaged items in full, you should purchase full value protection insurance. The price that you will have to pay for your peace of mind will depend on the mover or the insurance company.

Moving of Specialty Items

Most homes have items that are very large, heavy, delicate or extremely valuable. Moving companies consider these to be specialty items. Common examples are pianos, pool tables and Jacuzzis. Not all movers have the capacity to move these items and if they do, they will charge you extra for the particular handling required.

Exercise equipment, filing cabinets, grandfather clocks, and many kinds of appliances may also be considered specialty items by some moves, necessitating extra fees. Ask your mover which items are included in the list so that you can prepare your budget accordingly.

How to Find the Best Hingham Movers

It is only natural to look for the lowest rates when searching for a moving company. But be careful that you do not fall for false advertising tactics. Many professional movers would give you a low estimate in the beginning and only later on would you realize that this only includes the moving labor.

As one of the most trusted Hingham movers for more than two decades now, Stairhopper Movers will always give you a complete, accurate and transparent estimate of our moving costs. We also have plenty of resources that can help you make your relocation as easy and stress-free as possible. Call us today and let’s get your move started!

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