How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Framingham?

Uprooting your family or business and taking it to a completely different location is a very exciting experience. Whether you are staying within Framingham or relocating a further distance away, there will be a lot of packing and lifting involved that can take a toll. You can make it easier by hiring some Framingham movers to do some or all of the work for you, but some of them charge very high fees. The big question for many then is, how much does it really cost to hire movers in Framingham?

There is no definite answer because this will be at the discretion of professional moving companies. Besides, there are so many factors involved that the moving cost for both residential and commercial moves can vary widely. Today, we will look into the different aspects of moving that would contribute to the overall cost of your Framingham move.

What is the Average Cost of Framingham Movers?

Being a thriving suburban city in close proximity to Boston, Framingham is a preferred residential area among families. The pleasant ambiance and safe environment also contribute to its popularity. As such, this city sees plenty of residential moves as people relocate to and around the area.

Framingham movers are plentiful and they charge differently so you have a vast range of choices. The most budget-friendly movers will charge an hourly rate of between $80 and $100 per hour for a 2-man crew and truck. For bigger moves or relocations during busy seasons, you might have to pay as much as $200 per hour for the same kind of service.

Average Cost of a Local Framingham Move

If your move stays within the state of Massachusetts and does not go beyond a certain distance as determined by the mover, it is considered a local or short distance move. The average cost of such local moves is $110 per hour. Moving during holidays is more expensive by $20 or $30 per hour.

Let’s say the move is going to take 3-4 hours to complete. It would probably be safe to prepare $450 for the move, which should cover other additional expenses like tips for the moving crew, which we will talk about later.

Take note that most Framingham movers do charge a minimum number of hours for local moves. That is, if they have a 2-hour minimum, they will charge you for two hours of work even if the move is completed in just one hour or even less.

Average Cost of a Long-Distance Framingham Move

There’s not much point in knowing the average cost of a long-distance move, whether from Framingham or from another location in the country, because this is heavily dependent on just two factors. The first is the distance of your move and the second is the total weight of your items. Of course, there are also other things to consider but based on these two values, Framingham movers would already be able to give you a close estimate of the actual cost of your move.

Long distance moves can cost anywhere from $600 to more than $10000. If you want to know beforehand how much your particular move is going to cost, you need to know as many details as possible. You need to provide the Framingham movers with a list of the items that you are moving so that they can give you an accurate quote.

Average Cost of Extra Services from Framingham Movers?

In addition to the actual moving service, Framingham movers also offer a range of other moving-related services that many clients will find useful. These services do come with extra costs that you should factor in when preparing your budget.


Packing services are provided by almost all moving companies in Framingham, starting at $30 per hour per packer. The number of packers that you need to hire will depend on the volume of items that you have.

Specialty Items

Moving certain kinds of items cost extra, on top of the regular moving rate, especially if there is hoisting and other special handling required. Spinet pianos can be moved for at least $75, while a baby grand will cost you at least $150. Similarly, you need to prepare at least $100 each if you have filing cabinets, hot tubs and other bulky items that need to be moved.


Most movers offer overnight on-truck storage, especially for long distance moves. For Framingham movers, the rate for this service is about $150 a night. Long-term storage is not always available with moving companies. However, there are plenty of storage units in Framingham that you can rent for a monthly rate of $50 to $70 or thereabouts.


Reputable Framingham movers are very careful in handling your belongings but regardless, you can never tell what might happen during a move. This is why purchasing insurance is always highly recommended. The cost varies depending on the specific coverage, so you should ask your mover about this and make sure you clearly understand what your insurance package covers.

If you choose not to buy any extra coverage, your items will be automatically protected under the basic liability coverage that is mandated by law. This, however, will only get you up to $0.60 per pound in case of loss or damage to your items.


Once your move has been completed and you are satisfied with the movers’ job, it would be a nice gesture to give them a tip. An amount that is equivalent to 5% to 10% of your moving bill would be generous enough. If you feel this is too much, you can also give your movers $5 for every hour of the relocation.

Finding the Most Affordable Framingham Movers with High Quality Service

While it is practical to want a moving service with the least expensive rates, you do have to make sure that they offer reliable and professional service. After all, it is your belongings that are going to be transported and you want them in good hands all the way. The good news is that in Framingham, you can get affordable rates without sacrificing quality if you search carefully.

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