How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Dedham?

Moving is a major event for anyone. Whether you are moving a home or a business, it opens a brand new chapter in your life that unfortunately begins with some significant expenses. Not all Dedham movers will take a huge chunk out of your savings, though. There are many that offer competitive rates for both local and long distance moves.

When choosing a professional mover to handle your relocation, you would need to understand the many factors that play a part in the overall cost of the move. This will allow you to make a better informed decision on which particular moving company to hire. Further in this article, we will talk about these different factors that contribute to how much Dedham movers will charge you for their moving services.

What is the Average Cost of Dedham Movers?

The most popular type of local move in Dedham is residential moves for homes that have 2 or 3 bedrooms. The typical cost for these moves range from $900 to $2200. There is a wide variance because there are so many factors that come into play.

How Much Does a Local Move Cost?

A local Dedham move, also known as a short-distance move, usually involves less than 100 miles of distance between the origin and the destination. Also, the move must not cross Massachusetts state lines in order to be considered a local move.

In Dedham, local moves are charged at an hourly rate, with the current average at about $110 per hour. This rate includes the service of 2 movers and one moving truck. During peak seasons like holidays or the end of summer, Dedham movers will charge slightly higher for their services. They usually also offer cheaper rates during slow-moving seasons.

For a 2-bedroom home, the job would take an average of 6 hours. Based on our sample hourly rate, this would add up to a moving cost of $660 for a local move with no extra services.

How Much Does a Long-Distance Move Cost?

The computation for a long-distance move is a bit more complex than for a local one. There are many other factors that need to be taken into consideration such as highway tolls and gas. For particularly long distances, Dedham movers might also charge you extra for overnight lodging and for additional driver fees.

In most cases, long-distance moves come with a flat rate based on the distance that you are traveling. This cost would include all the possible expenses along the way. The cost of a long-distance move from Dedham can range from $600 to over $5000. It can even be much more depending on the mileage and the items that you are moving.

What Are the Additional Services Offered by Dedham Movers?

Aside from the moving labor, there are many other services that you can get from Dedham movers, starting with professional packing. While some residents prefer to pack their own belongings, most would be very happy to delegate the task to professionals. This kind of service can be pricey though, ranging from $100 to $140 for the more premium services. In many cases, the advertised packing rate does not include materials, which you will have to pay for as well.

Moving specialty items like large and heavy furniture, swing sets, pianos, and so on, can easily be done by a reputable moving company. This service comes with a hefty price tag, though, which averages at about $400 for each item.

If you need to move your car as well, this will come at the cost of $1000 or so for each car that you have. However, there are some Denham movers that do not offer all of the additional services that you need. It is best that you clear this up right away in order to avoid inconveniences as your move gets closer.

Is It Important to Purchase Insurance for a Move?

Dedham movers are required by law to provide insurance coverage only for long-distance moves. However, many of them do over basic insurance for free even for local moves. You don’t need to pay extra for this coverage but it doesn’t really amount to very much. In case of loss or damage, you can only get as much as $0.60 for every pound in weight.

If you want to keep your items protected, especially during long distance moves, it is strongly recommended that you purchase insurance. Some Dedham movers offer higher insurance coverage but if your mover doesn’t, you can always purchase insurance from a third-party provider.

Getting an Estimate for Your Planned Dedham Move

If you want to get the most accurate estimate of your upcoming Dedham move, the best thing to do is to inquire with some of the most reputable Dedham movers. Most of them will be happy to give you a free estimate once you provide them with details of your move.

We strongly advise you to enter as much information as you can about your move, although some items might be optional in some Dedham movers’ forms. It is much better if you can provide particulars like the number of rooms in your home, your preferred date for moving, which extra services you would like to avail, and so on. The more information you give, the more accurate the estimate you will get from the Dedham movers.

Top Quality at Competitive Rates

Now that you know all the fundamental elements that determine the overall cost of a move to Dedham, you are better equipped to find the right moving company that can help you with your relocation. But don’t just look for the lowest rates. Instead, find the Dedham movers that will give you the best quality of service at the most competitive rates, just like Stairhopper Movers.

With more than 20 years in the business, and more than 20,000 moves completed each year, Stairhopper is definitely someone you can trust with your belongings and your relocation. Contact us today and get an estimate for free!

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