How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Brookline?

Planning your move from an old house or office to a new location is not easy as it involves a lot of planning. From the transport and logistical needs to timing, a lot has to be put in place to make it right. This is reality families have to put up with, and it is not an easy responsibility to bear, which is why they opt for Brookline movers.

If you are planning to move to or from Brookline and need to hire professional moving companies for the job, there are a couple of things you need to bear in mind, and we will discuss them in detail.

How Much Will It Cost To Hire Brookline Movers?

The amount of money a moving company will charge you will depend on factors like the distance between both locations, the volume of items, and whether specialty items that require careful handling are part of your belonging. Above all, the average moving cost in Brookline is between $450 and $550. This figure is by no means a standard price due to multiple factors. When preparing a budget, the distance should come first, followed by other factors.

For short distance moves within Brookline or its environs, moving costs may be on the low side, but distances above 60 miles will cost you more. The longer the distance, the higher the moving costs because Brookline movers charge per hour for their service.

Homeowners are advised to consider timing, the quantity of belongings and special circumstances when planning their budget.

 Brookline movers Pricing For Local Moves

The cost of local moves differs from the cost of long-distance moves. For local moves in and around Brookline, the moving company will charge you the standard hourly rate they will often charge for long-distance moves. Bear in mind that moving companies have two pricing models; flat rate and hourly rate.

For shorter distances that take less time, you will spend less because the project will take less time to complete. So expect the moving company to charge between $25and $60 per hour. Considering this rate, a short distance move that will take 3-5 hours may cost you $300 or more, excluding other extra charges. However, the quantity of items is not included in this figure and may likely increase if you have significant items to move.

Brookline movers Pricing For Long Distance Moves

How about long-distance moves? Figuring out the final cost of such a move may be a little difficult due to several possible factors. The company will consider the weight, mileage and your special needs (if any) when calculating a quote. While some moving companies will charge a flat rate of $1000 or more for the job, others may opt for an hourly rate.

If you are lucky to find a moving company that offers the client both options, you can evaluate both and opt for the cheapest option.

Important Consideration

Besides the distance involved, there are other considerations to bear, such as the man-hours it will take to get the job done. While short distance moves may be completed in less time, this is not always the case in locations with significant traffic.

Besides the number of man hours, you also have to consider the number of items you are moving. A standard 16ft truck should be large enough to move your belongings, but if you have a large house and significant items, you may need a 26ft truck to accommodate all your items. This will increase Brookline movers hiring costs by tens of dollars or more.

The number of items in your home or office will also determine how many helpers you need. Heavy items require fit helpers for packing and unpacking. An average moving job may require 2 helpers, but an extra pair of hands or two may be needed for larger projects.

Extra Moving Charges

Extra moving charges should also be planned for as they will increase the final cost. For instance, if you plan to handle the packing and unpacking on your own, the final cost will reduce drastically. In fact, families with grown adults prefer to do the packing and unpacking on their own rather than outsource it to Brookline movers.

Moving specialty items require careful handling and even special equipment in some cases, which will also increase the cost. Here are some factors that will increase the final fee you will likely pay to the company you hire.


If you plan to outsource the storage of some or all of your items to Brookline movers, expect to pay more depending on whether your items will be stored for a short or long time. Also, the number of items will determine the size of the storage facility used.

Packing and Unpacking

As we pointed out at the beginning of this section, hiring a packing worker will also increase your moving cost. We advise you to budget between $20 and $60 per packing worker. If you are lucky to find workers who charge a flat rate, the better.

Specialty items

Moving fragile items will cost you more than rugged items. Common examples of specialty items include artwork, pianos, guns, glassware, and even heavy furniture. If a specialist crew is needed to handle the items, Brookline movers will charge extra for them.


Professional movers in Brookline have basic insurance for items they handle and add a fraction of the fee to their charges. If you want a fully or partially insured moving company to handle your belongings, they may charge you up to $0.60 per pound. While this will increase the final cost, it offers you protection in case any of the items get damaged during handling or in transit.

Are you planning a short or long distance move and need Brookline movers’ expert services? Contact Stairhopper Movers today, and you will be glad you did. Our area of operations covers Brookline and its environs, and we offer a professional service worth every penny you pay. You can request a quote by visiting our website or sending us a message today. Ours is a service you can trust.

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