How much does it cost to hire movers in Beverly?

Planning a move can be difficult, no matter how small the move is. One of the hardest parts is trying to budget for a moving service. While there are many moving services in Beverly that provide estimates on their websites, these are often general, and may not include all the added extras (required and optional) that you need for a smooth move. If you need some help understanding how much it costs to hire Beverly movers, let us help you get a clearer picture.

Is it a residential move or a corporate move?

A lot of moving companies will offer services that can help you move your home or your office. Although the services may be similar, the way that these two moves are carried out can be very different. Even if your business is small, you may be required to pay a little extra for the service. This is because good Beverly movers will work with you to try and complete the move after hours or on weekends, to ensure your company has as little downtime as possible. They can work efficiently to pack up all your desks, technology, or machinery, and deliver it to the new location where they can set it all up as you need. This may require a little more planning than a standard house move, and also more staff to ensure it is done as quickly as possible.

What kind of things are you trying to move?

A good moving company can help you move anything. Whether it is a car, boat, or even a grand piano or spa pool, there are ways to get your belongings safely to their new home. With larger items such as these, moving companies may require specialized moving vehicles, or reinforced supports to keep everything steady in transit. These extras can cost more than standard items to move, so it’s important to discuss them ahead of time with your moving company. Your moving company needs to be aware so that they can book the necessary extra vehicles or manpower for the job, so that you get everything safely to your new home on the same day as everything else.

Do you need help with other things like packing from Beverly movers?

For a lot of people, packing and unpacking everything can be the worst part of a move. It’s time-consuming, and it’s always difficult to pack everything safely and securely. That’s why you might want to request this service from your moving company as well. This will increase the cost of your move, but it will save you hours of time, and it may also save many of your fragile belongings. A lot of good moving companies can offer packing services, or they can offer high-quality packing materials if you still want to do it yourself.

Another great service that a lot of moving companies offer is storage. Sometimes moves are not straightforward, and there may be a period of time between moving out of the old location and into the new one. Many Beverly movers can securely store your belongings for this period, and then transport everything to the final destination when you are ready. Even if a moving company doesn’t have its own storage facilities, it may have connections to other storage companies, and you may be able to negotiate a deal if you book the storage with the moving services. This makes it easier on you, and reduces the number of individual companies you have to coordinate on a day that is already hectic and stressful.

The cost of these extra products and services will depend on how much you need to move, and these costs are very rarely in estimates you see online. If you do want a more accurate breakdown of the prices of these extras, reach out to the customer service team of the moving company. Companies may also offer deals if you include more than one additional service, which can help you save money and allow you to budget more accurately.

Where are you moving to?

If you are moving to the other side of Beverly, your move might look slightly different compared to someone who is moving across the country. Short distance moves require less time, so you are paying less in mileage and wages for staff. If you are moving longer distances, you can expect to pay more for fuel, as well as cover the cost of the time the moving staff spends driving to the destination. While these costs are going to be fixed by the company, it’s always good to know how much they will be.

Each of the Beverly movers will have a unique formula to calculate the cost of a move based on distance, and the result may vary from company to company. If a moving business advertises its rates online, these are likely to be the rates for short distance moves. Therefore if you are moving long distance, you need to reach out to confirm your location is somewhere they can move you to, plus confirm what their rates are.

Want to know how much your move will cost? Call Stairhoppers among other Beverly movers

Stairhoppers has been in the moving industry since 2001, and helping residents of Beverly for over two decades. We have been helping families and businesses move seamlessly from one location to another, with excellent customer service and affordable prices. We understand that moving is a necessity, so we want to be able to provide you with everything that you need for this. Part of this includes offering you accurate and transparent pricing information, so that you know exactly what services you are paying for, and how much they will cost.

We are always ready to talk to new clients and provide tailored quotes. Our friendly team takes the time to understand exactly what services you need from us, so that we can provide exactly what you are looking for, and nothing else. We pride ourselves on our professional results, and our ability to keep our prices competitive without compromising on the quality of service.

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