How Much Does it Cost to Hire Burlington Movers?

Are you planning to move into a neighborhood in Burlington or moving out of Burlington to a nearby or fat-off city? To achieve your goals you need a professional mover in Burlington to help you with the move. Finding very good and reliable companies is only one half of the equation; you also need to prepare a budget to pay the hiring cost. How much does it cost to hire movers in Burlington?

That will be the focus of this post. Hopefully, if you are armed with sufficient information you should be able to make the right hiring decisions moving forward. So without further ado, let’s get on with it.

Hiring Cost of a Mover In Burlington

Professional moving companies in Burlington offer their transport and logistics services to homeowners and businesses for a fee. Their rates depend on the size of your belongings and a few other factors. To understand hiring costs you need to know how they charge.

Movers in Burlington charge flat rates or hourly rates

Flat rates

This pricing model is a standard rate charged as moving fees. The moving company will charge a rate for the trip after evaluating the distance, type and volume of items and other factors. Once this rate is offered in a quote, they cannot turn around and change it as it has become a binding contract.

Hourly rates

As the name suggests, this is a rate charged per hour. Rather than charge a flat rate, the moving company charges an hourly rate. While the number or size of items plays a little role in impacting the fee, the time taken to complete the project from the moment it is picked up from the old location and transported to the new location is what is considered above every other thing.

Hourly rates cost between $25 and $60 in Burlington so a job that will take about 5 hours to complete will cost less than a 10 hour job because of the extra hours involved.

If you are planning a move to Burlington, you should set aside about $400 or more for the move depending on your special needs. If you have substantial belongings, and it will take more time to pack and load into the truck you may need to spend more because more than 2 helpers may be required.

Assuming the hiring rate of helpers is $25-$40 per hour that means you will need to pay each helper this much per hour for as many hours they work. These and more are services that will increase hiring costs.

Cost of a Local Mover in Burlington

Local moves in Burlington are quite common and professional companies in the area are always to provide homeowners and businesses with the logistical support that they need. A local move is a move that will not exceed 50 miles from the pickup point to the drop off point. Or better still, it occurs within Burlington as a whole or its environs.

Local moves in Burlington cost an average standard cost of under $400 as a standard rate. This figure may or may not include other additional services you may need to get the job done like packing and unpacking, storage, the use of special tools, and rough terrain among other costs.

One mistake many homeowners and business managers make is to assume that because their move is within a local area the hiring cost will not exceed a few hundred dollars but this is not always the case.

If you have substantial belongings or the area has rough terrain, a mover in Burlington may charge extra for the move even if the entire job will take 3 hours or less.

Secondly, the rate offered in the quote is only the standard rate and does not include the cost of extra services. This is why it is always best to consider the overall cost of a move before hiring professional moving companies.

Cost of a Long Distance Mover in Burlington

How much will a long distance move in Burlington cost?

This will depend on multiple factors but for distance alone, you should set aside at least $600 or more. Long distance moves of 60 miles and above cost a lot more than local moves. The moving company will evaluate the distance between the pickup and drop-off point; they will also consider the traffic situation along the route and the terrain when calculating their rates before offering you a quote.

Should you need additional services, the extra cost will be factored in afterwards. Ascertaining the cost of a long distance move at face value is not as easy as one would think but when planning a move it is best to know the mileage before you engage movers in Burlington. The longer the distance, the higher the cost will be.

How To Get Hiring Cost

It is quite tricky to get an exact moving cost on your own; calculating the mileage per hour and multiplying the hours by the hiring rate per hour can give you a fair idea of the cost but you can be so sure. The best way to get the hiring cost of a mover in Burlington is to contact a moving company and request a quote.

They will ask you for some information like the pickup location and your final destination. With this information, we can offer you a quote bearing the standard fee. Some moving companies go as far as sending a representative to the home or place of business of the client to check their belongings so they can arrange a truck big enough to carry all the items.

During the inspection, the staff will advise on the extra services required to transport the items safely and the extra cost. If you are fine with the charges you can agree to a contract and schedule a day for the move.

Additional Moving Cost

Extra moving costs to plan for include

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Storage (if required)
  • Specialty items

Even the time of season may impact the cost as moving rates tend to fluctuate during peak periods.

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