How Much Does it Cost to Hire Andover Movers?

Moving is a big decision that involves a lot of planning and budgeting but how do you pay a mover in Andover if you plan to move into or out of Andover? This is not an easy prediction to make as Andover moving companies don’t charge the same rates in the area. In this article, we want to address Andover moving costs to give you a fair idea of how much the move will cost; we also address some extra factors that may influence moving costs as well.

How Much Does a Mover in Andover Charge For Their Service?

Professional moving companies don’t charge the same rates but one can make an educated estimate regarding the average moving price in the area. The best way to apply to get an accurate reading of the price range is to request a quote from a professional mover in Andover. But what is the average moving rate in the area?

The average moving cost in Andover is about $520. For moves within Andover, the moving company may take between 2-3 hours to complete provided your belongings are not too much. Small scale moves require only two movers and a 16ft truck. For large scale moves only a 26ft truck or larger will suffice and a few more movers to load and unload your items. If you are unsure of the truck size you need, seek out the expert advice of professional movers.

The good news is that there are very good professional moving companies in Andover that operate in and around the area. But bear in mind that the distance between the old and new property will play a major role in determining the rate.

Skyrocketing Costs of Mover in Andover

The cost of moving has skyrocketed as companies and professional drivers have increased rates over the last few months due to escalating costs of gasoline. As a result of higher prices, you may be charged more. While the extra cost of rising gasoline costs is unavoidable, you can seek out movers that offer discounts to customers.

Lastly, insist that the moving company sends a representative to your home office to do an in person evaluation of your needs to avoid overbilling or unwanted surprises on the day of the move.

Cost of a Local Mover in Andover

Local moves involve moving your belongings from one end of Andover to another end of it or a nearby town that is quite close. This move is considered a short distance move because it can be completed in a few hours. Local distance moves cost less than long distance moves and how much you pay will depend on the distance and the number of items to it. If your belongings require a big truck, a mover in Andover will charge a considerable fee regardless of the distance.

To get an idea of the potential cost, you need to be aware of the prevailing hourly rates. Movers charge between $25-$50 per hour for moves but this is only the standard rate. You also need to include other extra charges for services you may need. These charges may include materials, gas, storage, etc which may take the total cost of a local move about $200-$400.

Cost For Packers/Helpers

You will need to prepare a budget that includes the wages of packers or helpers to help with the move. If you have enough hands to assist with the moving you don’t need to hire external help for the job but if you don’t have domestic help you will need to pay extra for this service which will further drive the final cost up. Helpers charge between $20 and $35 on average per hour so the more helpers you hire the more you pay.

Cost of a Long Distance Mover in Andover

Long distance trips are trips to or from Andover to a far-off town or city. Such trips take a longer time to complete thereby causing the rates to go up. The average long distance cost is $600 or more depending on the volume of articles and the distance. We recommend that you calculate the mileage involved and compare the average cost per hour when drawing your budget. Other extra charges may be involved too so plan for those as well.

Cost for Packers/Helpers

Also bear in mind that you may need packers and helpers for a long distance move as well and how many helpers you hire will determine the final cost outlay.

Factors That May Affect a Mover in Andover costs


If shipping will be required the cost will increase exponentially. It may be that you plan to move into Andover from a distant location or from a far-off city to Andover. If shipping is required you will have to bear the cost.


The distance will also determine the moving rate you pay. Trips of 100 miles or more may cost you close to $1000 or more. Distance is one of the major determinants of moving rates.


During peak seasons, movers in Andover charge more for their services because there is an increased demand. Homeowners and businesses prefer to move when the weather is conducive such as in the summer months.

Sensitive Items

Sensitive items like artworks, pianos, breakable items, and heavy furniture require great care so the moving company will charge more to move them. They may even require special materials to protect them from damage but these extra costs will be borne by you.


If you will need a storage facility to keep some or all of your items for a period of time there are storage fees to consider. Enquire from the moving company what it will cost to hire storage space and calculate it into the final cost.

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