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We all know someone who is “good” at packing. He or she has probably moved a bunch of times and has a system in place to help things go smoothly. We love people like that! But in truth, in any move, there may still be a few unique items that require a professional touch.

At Stairhopper Movers, one of our main goals is to ensure everything is packed right, so your belongings won’t be damaged on the way. We don’t mind who does the packing: you hire us to pack for you, do it yourself, or enlist the help of your packing-star friend. As long as your belongings are stored away safe and sound, we’re happy. That’s why we want to share some of our best packing tips to help you have a successful move.

The kitchen is often everyone’s least favorite room to pack up because it often has the smallest and most delicate stuff. And if you have a lot of glass or fine china, you’ll want to take special care to follow these packing tips when moving. For china, we always suggest using a china box. The box itself is designed to protect the dishes when packed properly. Here’s how to pack the box properly. First, place white paper at the bottom for a cushion. Then, wrap each fragile item in white paper and place them in the box vertically. Place another piece of white paper between each dish to keep them from rubbing together. Never stack glasses on top of each other unless there is ample cushioning between dishes. Stack wine glasses at the top of the box because they are the most fragile. Leave about 4 to 5 inches of space at the top to fill with white paper for cushioning.

Clothes and Linens
Fold your clothes neatly and pack them with linens in medium-sized boxes. And here’s a little trade secret that works wonders: Place dryer sheets between your clothes and linens to keep them wrinkle free and smelling fresh. If possible, use a wardrobe box for dresses and suits that you would prefer to remain hung.

Our technique for packing lamps includes packing the base and the shade in two separate boxes. If you are packing multiple lamps, try to avoid the temptation to pack more than one shade in each box. It is possible that the metal from one shade may ruin another. You can use your judgment here, though.

If you still have the original packaging for any of your electronics, this is the best way to transport them. If not, use dish pack boxes. Be sure to place lots of white paper (as much as 5 inches) on the bottom of the box. DVDs and CD players should be packed last because they are most important. Leave about another 5 inches of space for white paper at the top of the box.

When packing computers, it is always best to use their original packaging. If this is not possible, use dish pack boxes. Be sure to back up your data before the move because computers are especially sensitive to damage in transit (it’s better to be safe than sorry). Pack the monitor in its own box and be sure to cushion it well on all sides. Cables and cords can go in any of the computer boxes. Just separate them with a piece of cardboard.

Pack printers in the same manner (original boxes or dish pack box) after draining any remaining ink to avoid an especially messy move.

Art, Paintings, Mirrors, Collectibles

Take care to pack all art and mirrors well, but pay special attention to anything of high value. If possible, pack framed pictures or paintings in a special picture box. And remember to pad the bottom of each box with white paper. Anything of extreme value should be packed by professional movers (ahem, like us) or an art gallery.

Collectibles – Wrap any fragile collectibles in bubble wrap and them in a box with ample padding on the bottom. Be sure to space them out and to fill that space with packing material. Label the box as fragile, so that your movers know to take extra care.


Small appliances – Place small appliances in their original boxes and then in a larger dish pack box. This may seem redundant, but appliance boxes are not made to withstand a move. You can pack as many appliance boxes as you can fit in the larger box, but be sure it doesn’t get too heavy to carry.

Refrigerator – Remove refrigerator shelves and pack them separately. If you leave them in the fridge, they may become damaged or fall out during the move.

Liquids – Do not pack these. If you must take liquids with you, take them separately. Otherwise, they may leak and damage your other items, even if they are packed in a separate box.

Plasma TVs – Pack your plasma television in its original box because it will contain gases that will leak during a move. If you have an LCD or another type of television, we can pack it for you at the time of the move.

Miscellaneous valuables – Take anything of value, such as money, documents, jewelry, etc., with you during the move to ensure they do not get lost. Although it is unlikely that something will get lost, you’ll want to follow these moving packing tips just in case – and for your own peace of mind.

It is easy to over pack a box of books because it tends to get heavy fast. This is why you should always use a small yet hefty box. Lay books flat to avoid bending covers or pages, and be sure to stack the books to the top of the box, so the box isn’t likely to cave. Remember, small boxes work best.


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“Since I’ve used Stairhopper Movers before I hired them again for a interstate move from Boston to Long Island City, New York. I hired a crew of 3 men just like I had last time. They came the day before and fully packed our 2 bedroom apartment and the next day they did the actual move. Everything was wrapped, inventoried and loaded in the truck in less than 2 1/2 hours. At the drop off they had some challenges with our huge and heavy armoir and leather couch but they manage to get them up without any damages. Again, I had a great experience using these movers. I highly recommend them to anybody that it’s looking to move in Boston or out of state.“

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Marik F – BOSTON, NY
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“I had a 4 bedroom house in Lexington, MA and and I was moving to a 3 bedroom house but larger in Weston, MA. A good friend of mine who used Stairhopper Movers gave me their phone number and their website. He actually used them for a move from Chestnut Hill to Scarsdale, NY so in his case it was a interstate move. I called them and as I began to describe what I have they suggested to come by and see in person everything that I was planning to move. What a great idea! The next day they came to my house, took inventory of everything. They also suggested several ways of packing in order to keep my cost down. After receiving the quote from them which involved 4 movers and 2 trucks for a very affordable rate I hired them to do the move for December 2nd. For the moving part I would like to let everybody know how happy we were with the level of service that we received from Stairhopper Movers. The service was amazingly fast, friendly and very professional. Everything was wrapped and protected before it went out of our old house. They also covered the floors at the new location. Everything arrived in good order and their work ethic was exceptional. Thanks to Adrian, our relocation consultant and Joe, Andrew, Rene and James, our movers, we had a stress free move. I strongly recommend this company to all my friends and family.”

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Lisa B. – NEW YORK, NY
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“We moved our apartment from Boston to New York and we went with Stairhopper Movers because they came highly recommended by a coworker and it seems they are specialized in Boston to New York moves. They also came up with the most affordable quote. We requested full packing and moving services since I am pregnant. They packed everything fast and with great care, they also labeled all of our boxes the day before. On the day of move everything went smooth and quick as planned. The entire move was completed by 3.30 pm in NYC. Using Stairhopper Movers for our move was the best choice. Highly recommended!”

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Suzanne N. – ORLANDO, FL
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“Stairhoppers made a stressful move as close to fun as a move has any hope of being. We drew a dynamite team of movers – a group of strong, enthusiastic, professional, smart young men – like a band of brothers who stuck with us at both ends of the move. They were good-natured, hardworking, with dauntless energy through 90-degree days of loading and unloading. ALL furniture was safely wrapped in blankets – including an upright piano and a grandfather clock – with fearless wrangling of impossibly heavy and large pieces around tight corners, and cheerful tolerance of “a little bit left, a little bit right”. Mona, the chief scheduler, hardly blinked when I had to reschedule the move to a few weeks later. If you are moving from anywhere in the Boston area – my move was from Westford MA to Florida – do not even CONSIDER anyone except Stairhoppers. (And ask for the Romanian team – you may get lucky – tell them Suzanne said so!) The price is better than the big movers and those containers-without-labor companies, the customer service is just what you want, and the moving guys will put a smile in your hopelessly stressed-out day”

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