“I hope you give Stairhopper Movers the chance to exceed your expectations for moving service, affordability and value. Moving is difficult, we want to remove the frustration from the experience and make your move fast, efficient and successful.” – Adrian Iorga, President of Stairhopper Movers

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“I hope you give Stairhopper Movers the chance to exceed your expectations for moving service, affordability and value. Moving is difficult, we want to remove the frustration from the experience and make your move fast, efficient and successful.” – Adrian Iorga, President of Stairhopper Movers


About Stairhopper Movers

There’s one thing we want to get out of the way upfront.

We are not your typical moving company.

Adrian Iorga founded Stairhopper movers in 2001 with a strong desire to “break the mold” of the moving industry in Boston. He knew that Boston didn’t need yet another cookie-cutter moving company that focuses on moving stuff and making profits. Adrian wanted Stairhopper Movers to be about the people. From the very beginning, his goal was to make each customer a “customer for life.” This would not be an easy task, but it would prove to be worthwhile.

To accomplish his goal, Adrian hired only the best people for all positions – from movers to drivers to support staff – because he knew that it was the people who would make all the difference.

But building a strong team is only the first step to building a customer-service-centric business. It is also important to educate, nurture and empower those people to do the best job they possibly can. That is why we emphasize experience, skill and courtesy above all other traits – and each and every team member shares the same values.

As a result, we routinely make Boston moves faster, more efficient, safer, and more successful with less stress. That’s customer satisfaction in action.

That was our strategy in the early days, and it has paid off. We hold the same values and beliefs today, and that’s probably why our customers have been an endless source of referrals for us. In fact, they currently provide more than 80% of our new business.

We have successfully created “customers for life” and we couldn’t be happier.

Our hard work and attention to customer satisfaction has paid dividends – check out our Recognition & Awards page to find out why we are one of Boston’s most decorated and highly rated moving companies for:

  • Local moves
  • Long-distance and interstate moves
  • Residential moves
  • Commercial moves
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Moving supplies
  • Secure storage
  • And much more…

Are you ready to become a Stairhopper Movers customer for life?

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President and Founder

Adrian is a native of Romania and university graduate with a degree in economics. His career in the moving industry began as a temporary job to earn extra money for school. When he saw the need to offer improved service and customer care, it turned into an entrepreneurial opportunity. He began by hiring close friends to assist with moving jobs throughout Massachusetts and around the country.

Adrian thrived in his new endeavor – at 6′ 4” (the first Stairhopper) and with a background in athletics, he was literally built to succeed in his new passion!

To this day Adrian remains fit and is a health advocate, qualities he shares with many of his movers who also enjoy athletics and fitness. Stairhopper Movers is a smoke-free company, which is appreciated by many of our customers. When you hire Stairhopper Movers don’t be surprised to see Adrian on the job as foreman and head mover – he loves his job and wouldn’t have it any other way



General Manager

She will be taking you through your move and handling all of the administrative details.

“We have worked hard to earn a solid reputation for quality moving services. We know what we’re doing and how to do it quickly, carefully, efficiently and completely. We are also well aware that there’s much more to a move than quality trucks, moving boxes and a packer with a smile. We continue to be fascinated by our business and committed to improving what we do and how we do it, every day. We look forward to making your next move your best and to counting you as a member of our growing family of satisfied customers.”

Diana Ghiura


Office Manager

“We at Stairhoppers believe that every good move starts with professional, accurate information on what you can expect to find when you shop around for a moving company. Our website has valuable information on how to choose the best moving and storage company for your needs, what to expect in a bid, how to plan for your move, tips on getting ready for your move, packing supplies information and much more. And when you’re ready for an estimate or to book a date for your move, our friendly and professional staff will be there for you. We hope you will make use of all of the information we have provided you with.”



Relocation Consultant

“Our customers deal directly with us to ensure all details are covered! With no middleman, agents, or brokers adding additional fees and commissions, Stairhopper movers guarantees premier service at best rates in Boston area. Our impeccable record and integrity separate Stairhopper Movers from our competition and we will ensure that your upcoming relocation will be a pleasant experience without any hassle.

We consistently offer and provide the most efficient and reliable moving and storage services available, while adhering strictly to a policy of truth, honesty, integrity, and fairness in all business transactions.”



Relocation Consultant

She will be taking you through your move and handling all of the administrative details.

“Moving is our specialty – but for us the customer always comes first! We take great care making sure the customer is 100 satisfied. Every relocation we perform gets special attention and its unique needs are properly addressed. Our rates are highly competitive. While you move, rest assure our moving team are as professional as can get. Our Boston movers are highly trained in our facilities by veteran moving specialists and must stand in high standards, requirements, and tests to become employed with our company.”


1. Fast and efficient
2. Safe and damage-free
3.Affordable & competitive prices
4. Long distance moves to all 48 states in the USA
5. Next-day service to Northeastern/ eastern states
6. Single customer delivery, only your belongings in the truck
7. Locally-owned and operated – no affiliates or stop-overs at processing facilities
8. We have been helping residents and businesses move in Boston since 2001


20 Harvard Street,
Boston MA 02129

Phone: (857) 928-0876
Fax: (781) 219-3406



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