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Milton’s journey to independence

Puritans from England originally settled in Milton. Because of this, it was part of Dorchester. Richard Callicott bought part of the town. After building a trading post a gist mill was also established. In 1650 people began to leave England for America in a bid to escape the English Civil War. It was only in 1662 that the town grew to include all that we know as Milton. Just twelve years later what may be the first-ever powder mill, was established. This allowed for the town to show off its ingenuity. Boston inventors decided to invest in the area and industrialize it. What I found to be the best part of all of this is that one of these factories was a chocolate factory!

The Declaration of Independence which was signed in July of 1776 was developed using a resolve made in Milton that same year. The Suffolk Resolves were set in place to reduce imports from England unless they were to become more peaceful. This document can be found in the possession of the Milton Historical Society.


In 1826 the Granite Railway from Quincy to Milton first started running. This is seen as one of the first to become a carrier service that used a switch frog. A plague along with a piece of the original tracks still stands placed on top of Interstate 93 in its honor. The switch frog has been on exhibition at the Chicago World’s Fair, which is a mechanism that enabled the train to change tracks without stopping. This allowed the town to truly prosper giving it the name ‘Railway Village’.

What we know today as the ‘Cracker’ also originated in Milton. ‘Crackers’ were initially called ‘water crackers’ because their ingredients were simply flour and water. People who were going to be out at sea for long periods of time stocked these because they could withstand long journeys. When the Civil War broke out they sold biscuits similar to this to soldiers because of their ability to remain edible. But it is not the fact that they must have been hard which gave them their name, rather it is the fact that they would crackle while being cooked. For people interested in History or those who recreate stories of the war, these biscuits can still be found. Bent’s Cookie Factory in Milton still sells them.

There is also the Captain Robert Bennet Forbes House that those interested in history should visit. Robert Bennet Forbes built The Greek Revival mansion in 1833. He called this home for many years. Forbes was a China trade merchant. You can still see much of what he imported on display along with an assortment of Lincoln souvenirs.

The 41st president of the US – George Herbert Walker Bush- was born and raised in Milton, as was his son who was the 43rd US president. The street that George Herbert Walker Bush was born in was Adams Street. This street is actually named after one of the other presidential families – John Adams’ family.

It was in the late 1800s and early 1900s that the town began to resemble what we see today. They started to use cars, sell chocolates, biscuits, and fresh produce; a modern-day farmer’s market.

Milton also became famous for many things. The first piano factory in the US was built here. It is also home to the oldest observatory. The Blue Hill Meteorological Observatory is in Milton. This observatory owns the oldest meteorological records.

Milton Today

Today Milton is home to over twenty-seven thousand people. Over eighty percent of these people are homeowners. These homes value at an average of just under six hundred thousand dollars. There are also over fourteen thousand people employed in Milton and the average household income is over one hundred thousand dollars.

Schools in the district are some of the best. In fact, they have more highly ranked schools in one district than anywhere else. School proficiency rate in the top fifty percent. Maths and reading proficiency is at seventy percent. Then of the approximately four thousand two hundred students enrolled over ninety percent of them graduate.

The crime rate in Milton is lower than ten percent of the national average. Statistics looking at the whole of America, show that there are approximately two thousand nine hundred thousand property crimes and four hundred and sixty violent crimes per one hundred thousand citizens. While in Milton there are less than two hundred and thirty property crimes and less than four hundred and fifty violent crimes per hundred thousand citizens.

Things to do in Milton

Like the rest of Massachusetts, there are many places to enjoy the outdoors. From ponds to reservations there will always be a place to walk, cycle, or picnic.

There are also a number of museums. One of which is The Blue Hill Observatory Science Centre which is a must. It is one of the oldest of its kind and has records dating hundreds of years old.

Grab a coffee

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