How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Stoneham?

It is very exciting to move to a new home, regardless of whether it is just across town or to another state. But with the excitement comes a lot of work. Some aspects of the move can be tedious and time-consuming, and so these are better left to the professionals. It’s a good thing then that there are plenty of Stoneham movers that you can rely on to do the heavy work for you.

The Cost of Hiring Professional Stoneham Movers

Stoneham movers do not have a fixed moving rate because all moves are unique. For starters, there are different kinds of moves that can happen. Some are residential while others are commercial. There are local moves that are within the boundaries of Massachusetts and long-distance interstate moves that can go to any point in the country. Because of the wide variance, each move is priced according to the specific details of the relocation.


Professional moving companies base their fees primarily on the distance of the relocation. Obviously, the longer the distance, the higher the cost. If you are planning a local move, or one with a distance shorter than 100 miles, Stoneham movers will bill you at an hourly rate and will also need to know how many items you are moving. For long-distance moves, the moving company will likely give you a flat rate that would include other factors like fuel, highway toll, driver compensation, overnight lodging and so on.

Moving Crew

Stoneham moving companies have moving crews of different sizes, but the most popular ones are those that are made up of 2 movers up to 4 movers. The average hourly rate of a 2-man moving crew in Stoneham is $150 per hour. This includes the use of one moving truck. A 4-man team and one truck usually cost around $240 per hour.

It is important to note, however, that Stoneham movers usually have a 3-hour minimum charge, even if the job gets completed in less time. After the first three hours, the hourly rate will apply.

Number of Items

The quantity of your belongings is a very important detail that the Stoneham movers will use in deciding which moving crew is best suited for your relocation. This will also determine the size of the truck that you need.

Moreover, there are certain kinds of items that might need a particular kind of handling or extra attention. Pianos, for instance, need to be transported with special care. The same is true with safes, Jacuzzis, pool tables, and other large furniture. Fine art and delicate ornamental pieces also fall into this category, which is called specialty items. Moving companies can help you move these items safely but at an added cost.

Truck Size

Stoneham movers maintain fleets composed of moving trucks of different sizes. There are small pickup trucks that can be used for moving a one-room apartment and much bigger trucks that can contain all your belongings from a 5-bedroom home.

The truck rental for full-service moves is typically packaged with the fee for the moving crew. But for long-distance moves where you only need a truck, many Stoneham movers rent out trucks at a flat rate, often with free unlimited mileage. To give you an idea, you can get a 16-foot truck for an interstate move for about $300 to $400.

Date of Move

Many Stoneham residents like to move during the summer, especially towards the end of the season. As such, the demand is high during these times and the rates are higher. The difference between the moving costs on a regular date with that on a peak date can be as much as $100 per hour.

Also, the closer it is to the date of your move, the more expensive your fees are going to be. In order to get the best possible deals from Stoneham movers, it would be smart to book your move as early as possible, even months before your preferred moving date.

Access to Your Location

Climbing several flights of stairs and navigating very narrow hallways make moving a lot difficult. If there are such issues with going to your apartment or place of business, then you should expect to pay a little bit extra. The same is true for houses that do not allow trucks parked outside. In this case, the moving truck will need to park further away and the movers will have to carry your items a long distance.

Extra Services That You Can Avail from Stoneham Movers

To make your move easier and more convenient, Stoneham moving companies offer a lineup of extra services aside from the actual moving labor. Make sure you know the prices of these services when you avail them because it will all go into your final bill.

Packing Services

Packing is harder than it sounds at first. It requires skill and also takes up a lot of time. If you are not prepared to free up your schedule to pack your belongings, better hire expert packers to do the job. In Stoneham, professional packing services are available at an hourly rate, starting at $25 per packer per hour.

Some companies might also charge by the box. For example, you might be charged an average of $5 for every book box packed, $10 for every linen box, $15 for a box of glassware, and so on. In this case, packing materials are included in the cost.


Short-term and long-term storage unit rentals are available in Stoneham. Rates depend on the size of the unit, which then depends on the number of items you need to store. Smaller units can be rented out for as low as $50 per month and larger ones can cost as much as $400 a month or even higher.


The law mandates that all professional moving companies provide basic insurance coverage to the amount of $0.60 per pound in weight. Obviously, this is not a very significant amount. You can purchase better coverage from third-party providers, or opt for full value protection, in which case the moving company will replace or reimburse your items in their actual value.

Moving Crew Tips

Tipping your moving crew is a great way to say thank you. The amount for tipping is usually computed from the bill amount. You can give the moving crew an amount equal to 10 to 20% of your moving cost, divided evenly among the crew members.

Make sure that you take all these above factors into consideration when planning the budget for your move. And if you want to have the best moving experience, you should trust only the best Stoneham movers for the last 20 years, which is Stairhopper Movers. Just call us today and we’ll help you get started on your relocation!

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