How Much Does It Cost to Hire Movers in Sharon?

Massachusetts ranks fourth on the list of most expensive states to live in. As such, you can expect moving costs to be quite steep in its cities as well. A Sharon move, for instance, might set you back by a few thousand dollars. But of course, there are also several Sharon movers that offer affordable rates. Make sure to compare the different options so that you can hire the best company for your move to this New England town.

If you are here to find out exactly how much your particular move is going to cost, we won’t be able to give you an accurate answer. The reason is because each move is unique and must be evaluated carefully by a professional mover, who can then provide a reasonable estimate.

In general, though, moves from Sharon that will not go outside the boundaries of Massachusetts can cost anywhere between $500 and $2500. An interstate or long distance move would typically cost you $2000 or more. But like we said, these numbers are hardly conclusive. You need to inquire with some Sharon movers for a more accurate estimate.

The Fundamentals of How Sharon Movers Calculate Their Fees

There are no rules as to how Sharon movers should compute their rates. Some will offer a flat rate, which is fairly common for long distance moves, and is inclusive of all the expenses involved in the move such as toll, gas, and so on. Other companies will charge you by the hour. As with most of the other cities in Massachusetts, the average hourly rate for moving labor in Sharon is $50 per mover.

However, most moving companies do offer full service moves that include a moving crew and a truck. The number of crew members and the size of the truck can vary, and these variables dictate the hourly rate. For example, you can get a 2-man moving crew with a 26-ft truck at a rate of $150 per hour. If you need a bigger crew, you can upgrade to a 4-man crew, which would cost you around $200. Additional trucks and movers can also be arranged.

Cost of Additional Services by Sharon Movers

No two Sharon moves are alike, and clients will likely want a customized service that caters to their specific needs. As such, you can pick which services you want to avail. Here are some of the most popular extra services that Sharon movers can provide for you along with their average going rate.

Packing Service and Supplies

You can choose to pack your own things or hire professionals to do it. In the case of the latter, there are different options that range from full packing to just packing specific items. Full packing of a 2-bedroom house in Sharon might cost around $1000, including labor and supplies.

The price of partial packing would depend on the number and kind of items to pack. Supplies will typically be charged by piece in this case, starting for an average of $3 for a small book box to $15 for a wardrobe box. Everything else will also come at a cost, from the rolls of tape and shrink wrap to the hoisting fees of heavier items. Make sure to check with your selected moving company for these prices.

Storage Units

In the event of a last-minute move, you can rent a storage unit for your belongings while you get your new place completely ready. In Sharon, storage facilities are available at a monthly rate that starts at $50 for a modest-sized room. Larger facilities might cost upwards of $500 per month.

Insurance Coverage

No matter the distance you are moving, there will always be risks associated with relocation like loss and damage. To protect against these risks, it is highly recommended that you purchase coverage from a reputable Sharon insurance company, or from your mover if they offer it.

Take note that while all duly licensed Sharon movers do include basic coverage with their moving rates, this is just the basic liability coverage that will only pay up to 60 cents per pound. All other coverage will come at an extra cost, so be sure to avail this for your belongings.

Piano and Specialty Item Moving

Pianos require specific transport techniques to prevent damage to any of their parts. The same is true for pool tables, Jacuzzis, and many other large objects in the house that are classified as specialty items. Most Sharon movers offer these services for varying fees.

How to Reduce the Cost of Your Sharon Move

There are many ways by which you can try to reduce the cost of your relocation. For one thing, you can schedule your move away from peak season. Moving in winter is cheaper because of the lower demand. Likewise, weekday moves usually have lower prices than moves over the weekends.

When it comes to packing, you can provide your own boxes if you have any. But if you are not sure if your boxes are fit for moving, it is better to just purchase the high quality ones from the mover to ensure the protection of your items.

But even if you are trying to minimize your moving costs, it is still a good idea to tip your movers with an amount similar to about 5% of the total bill. It’s a great way to say thank you for making sure your belongings reach your new home safe and sound.

Choosing the Best Sharon Movers for your Relocation

All Sharon movers will certainly make an attractive offer to entice clients, but make sure to understand the inclusions of their published rates. Many companies will quote a very low price, not telling you that this is just the basic rate and does not include a bunch of extra expenses that you will still have to pay for in the end!

Here at Stairhopper Movers, we are very transparent and upfront with our estimates. Our rates might not be the lowest that you see compared to other Sharon movers but we do include everything in our estimate – no hidden fees at all! For more than 20 years, we have served hundreds of completely satisfied Sharon residents and businesses. Hire us for your move and see for yourself why clients keep coming back to us for repeat services!

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