How Much Does it Cost to Hire Movers in Lexington?

Now that you have decided to move to a new place from this charming and beautiful town of Lexington, you must think about many things. This includes, of course, Lexington movers who can transport you valuable to your new place.

While you’re busy saying your farewells to neighbors and colleagues before leaving, you can ask the services of moving providers to handle the moving process. However, the tricky part lies in which among the providers you must choose. It can be a handful as they’re so many of them.

One of the primary things you must consider is the move’s cost. Read along to get more insights on the factors affecting the rates.

The three types of moving service

You might wonder why most Lexington movers give you options on what kind of moving service to have. You can have full-service, self-service, or in-house moving services.

The full-service moving means the company will handle all the processes and logistics of the move. It’s a hassle-free option and ideal for those who do not want to deal with the complexity of the process. Meanwhile, self-service moving is the opposite. As the name suggests, self-service means the customer must work on packing the items. The mover will be responsible for transporting the valuables to the new place.

Self-service can be taxing, but they’re relatively cheaper than full-service. It’s ideal for customers who need to pack a few things without special packing requirements.

Another type of moving service is in-house. This refers to moves that do not involve transporting goods from your current place to your new home. In-house moving is relatively common among customers having repairs and renovations on their homes, opting to move some furniture and heavy items from one place to another within the property.

What do Lexington mover’s costs include?

Various factors affect the rates of the moving service. Lexington movers even vary their inclusions on their services. Here are the inclusions you can expect when booking a moving service provider.

The distance

When you request quotes from moving service companies, they will ask about your current location and where you wish to move. Local moves generally involve distances averaging from 50 to 100 miles. More than that is already considered long-distance moving. The distance will obviously affect your moving costs. The farther it is, the higher the rate. But most moves are considered local if you’re moving from Lexington to another town in Massachusetts.


Unless you all have the boxes and bubble wraps in your storage, you will have to buy them from Lexington movers. There are other packing materials that you might need when securing fragile items.


Most movers will also offer storage services if you choose to safely keep your things before moving them to your new home. These facilities are guarded and secured enough for your short-term or long-term storage needs.

Fragile items

Regardless of the size of your home, there are probably one or two pieces that need special packing. Fragile and expensive items like paintings, furniture, or appliances should be in secured packaging before transporting them to the customer’s new home. Yes, it can be an added cost. But it will still be worth the additional dollars to ensure they’re in one piece upon arrival at the destination.


You can expect Lexington movers, like Stairhopper Movers, to include insurance in their services as mandated by the federal government. Customers may receive 60 cents per pound per item in case of damages for the duration of the move. This may be free, but it only provides minimal protection. You can get complete protection at an additional cost.


Unlike insurance, tipping is not required. At the same time, it’s not prohibited. Customers can tip Lexington movers for a job well done at an average of $4 to $5 per hour per personnel. Another option is to tip 5% to 10% of the total cost.

How to secure affordable Lexington movers?

Getting the best Lexington movers can quickly be done with the proper criteria. Additionally, there are tons of affordable movers in the industry, but they might give you surprise costs along the way. Consider the following factors while filtering your options.

Get reviews and recommendations

You can examine the mover’s website for customer feedback or visit review sites for additional information. Another option would be getting recommendations from friends and colleagues. All these are essential to assess whether the movers on your list make the cut.

Compare the costs

Whether you have the money to afford an expensive one or not, it will always be beneficial to get quotes from your list of movers. You never know; you can even score an affordable provider offering the best services with excellent customer reviews. There’s a reason why most Lexington movers let their customers ask for quotes before committing to anything.

Look for promos and discounts

Some movers offer promos in slower seasons. If it’s feasible for you to book at these times, you’re surely getting a good deal. Of course, you still have to ensure the services they offer with the promotions. Also, some have discounts for customers who have early bookings.

Ensure transparency

You cannot confirm a mover is affordable if they surprise you with additional costs at the end of the move. It’s like luring you to what seems like a cost-effective deal but then ripping you off along the way. It’s not a good practice, and you must avoid them. From the start, let your chosen mover declare all the services you will be paying for and clarify possible additional expenses if there are. This allows you to set realistic expectations.

Check their reputation

Of course, your goal is to get affordable moving services. However, do not forget to assess their performance in the industry. It might even be possible to partner with seasoned Lexington movers to ensure the quality of services and a seamless moving experience.

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